Wedding Ceremonies

Without a ceremony, a wedding day would be just another get-together for friends and family. Weddings have a much greater capacity for involvement, being happy and sharing than any party!

The style and words of the ceremony, the way they’re spoken, the music that’s played and the vows given are pivotal to the celebrations. This is why many couples pay careful attention to not only choosing their celebrant but also detailing the elements in their ceremony and writing their own vows – vows from their hearts.

Wedding ceremonies are wonderful occasions. They’re profound expression of the love of two people for each other; and although there are formal and legal requirements, a wedding ceremony is uplifting and inspiring in the way that it celebrates and evokes love. It’s definitely possible to delight in the pure miraculousness of you having found each other, recognised your deep connection and of seeing in each other the person you can love your whole life long.

Never doubt that marriage is a most significant step in your relationship: the public declaration of your love is a life-changing event for you yourselves as well as for your guests. You might be surprised at the depth and elevation of your love following your wedding; similarly with your family and friends.

A wedding ceremony is a social threshold and a rite of passage between being single and being committed. It’s a significant ‘marker’ in your relationship and you’ll find yourself saying “after our wedding . . .” or “that was before we were married “.

When you put time and effort into creating your own ceremony, each of your guests will relish the opportunity to hear and see the qualities and the uniqueness of your love. Your ceremony will remind them of their own loves and the profound universal nature of love.

Because the guests you invite are important in your lives (and in your love) you can include them in the ceremony in many ways eg warming your wedding rings, lighting candles, signing a large certificate of marriage, etc.

Wedding Ceremonies