First Steps

One of the joys of being married by a creative celebrant is the opportunity to create your own memorable ceremony. After the ceremony you’ll hear your friends and family say “that was perfect – it was so like you two!”

Ideally we’ll meet together before your wedding but if you’re overseas or a long way away, we’ll at least talk on the phone and via email so we can get to know each other a bit and spark ideas off each other.

Our first discussions/planning session will be a chance to explore some of the well-known and the legal components of weddings. We’ll find some specific ideas and words from your knowledge and experiences and search in the books and ceremonies.
You’ll need to complete a NOTICE OF INTENDED MARRIAGE (NOIM), and give it to your celebrant or minister/priest) at least a month and a day before your wedding.

Before a wedding can be conducted you must show your celebrant original documents to verify your name & date of birth. If you are Australian-born your original birth certificate is the document needed – you can apply for a new one (Registrar of Births in the State you were born), if yours can’t be found. If you were born overseas your passport is adequate.

To verify your status as “divorced” you need to show the divorce paper from the Family Court; if “widowed” you’ll need your former spouse’s death certificate. If possible, we meet together at your wedding venue so we can work out where we’ll stand during the ceremony and how everything will be arranged. Things like tide charts, prevailing wind and sun angle information (that I have) often help. If we can’t meet at the venue we can work from a “mud map” and diagrams.

Then we basically keep in touch until we have your ceremony refined and complete. As part of my agreement with you, you’ll get a copy of your ceremony which you can later share with family and friends, especially those who couldn’t be at the ceremony itself and it’s a lovely reminder of your special day.

Wedding Ceremonies