Agreement to Work Together

In addition to registering your marriage by lodging the official marriage forms and certificates after your ceremony, you’ll receive from me:

  • my undivided attention in creating the style and writing the words of your ceremony, including researching wedding customs from other cultures and other ages
  • phone, fax and email contact to finalise your ceremony
  • a copy of your ceremony as a keepsake
  • a planning visit with you to your wedding venue, if possible
  • suggestions of music and poetry and their co-ordination within your ceremony
  • the loan of books and excerpts from my Wedding and Ceremony library
  • superb calligraphy on your Certificate of Marriage (elegant black, colours and embellishments)
  • a 9-candle all-weather candelabra &/or other candle holders
  • co-ordination of my outfit with your colour scheme and theme
  • my guarantee to arrive in plenty of time to set up everything for your ceremony – up to an hour before the start time.
  • tables, chair and Australian quill pen for signing the Register and certificates and clear, fluent, succinct and unrushed presentation so that everyone can hear and enjoy all of your ceremony.


What’s required from you:

  • your Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) completed, signed by each of you and both signatures witnessed by the specific persons listed on NOIM. It’s a requirement of Australian law (Marriage Act 1961 as amended) that NOIM is received by your celebrant at least a month and a day before your wedding – unless an authority has authorised the shortening of time.
  • written confirmation of the date, venue and time of your wedding.
  • if born in Australia: birth certificate/s; if born overseas: your non-Australian passport/s or English-language birth certificate/s (if translated the translator must be authorised).
  • other documents as relevant eg divorce papers, Court papers (eg to shorten the time).
  • your vows and any other parts of the ceremony that you want to write.
  • final payment on your wedding day or before.
  • on your wedding day – your arrival close to the agreed time for the start of the ceremony.
  • ideally a photo or two of your ceremony, after the big day, for my portfolio.

Wedding Ceremonies