About Pamela Gray


The attraction of being a celebrant developed from a longing to create and be involved in ceremonies and rituals that are personal and meaningful.
Because both my heart and my mind are engaged, I enjoy creating and presenting ceremonies. The skills I’ve gained in teaching, speech pathology, acting, public speaking, meditating, managing events and being a public servant converge for me in being a celebrant.

My licence to celebrate marriages was granted in March 1995, just after I’d moved from the busyness of Sydney to Milton, a small coastal town south of Sydney, where I hand-made paper, had a kitchen garden, taught at TAFE and started Creating Ceremonies as Unique as Your Love.

In 2005, I moved to Gippsland, Victoria, where I continued making paper, joined others in growing food organically and lived in a spiritual community.

Having family and friends in many places on the east coast of Australia in Melbourne and Canberra, means it’s often easy for me to celebrate weddings in those places.

Since 1982 I’ve gained degrees in Communications (Film & Television School) and in Arts (Macquarie); and post-grad diplomas in Social Sciences (Stockholm) and Social Ecology (UWS).

I’ve been involved in event management (Sydney to the ’Gong Bike Rides, Ulladulla Summer Games), in Public Services (Australian and NSW Child Welfare, Health and Energy) and in community development (welfare, recreation, social justice, permaculture and volunteer work). I’m currently studying Grief and Bereavement at the Bereavement Care Centre.

Natural and beautiful things (like wood, glass, gardens, forest, beaches, the moon and the dark sky) have special places in my heart and life. In quieter moments I like cycling, walking and spending time both in the bush and on the beach. Catching up with friends over coffee or a good meal is always fun and I enjoy the sort of films that get me thinking and laughing. Reading good books (and meeting people who’ve read others) and listening to music that tingles down my spine are also significant in my life.
An interest in being ‘centred’ and the big questions of life has drawn me to investigate buddhism, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Aikido, Vipassana Meditation, Shiatsu, Macrobiotics, Permaculture, Dru, Iyengar and Satyananda Yoga.

Apart from travelling in Australia, I’ve had the good fortune to have been overseas to some exotic and delightful places like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Crete and Turkey. I lived and studied in Stockholm for a year last century. Supporting and living with villagers in East Timor has been significant since 2001.