Ceremonies Celebrating the Love

Creating Ceremonies As Unique as Your Love

A ceremony is a special event that has the purpose of setting apart and elevating a particular person/s or event/s in our consciousness.

My role is to work with and for you to create a ceremony that celebrates love and connection or marks our sorrows and farewells, indulges in happiness and joy, honours and respects the stages of life, recognises some personal achievements and honours the person/s it’s about.

In a ceremony we honour the relationship between the people involved.

Ceremonies usually have a structure; and they flow from one aspect to another – this is where creativity is specially relevant.

Wedding Ceremonies

Other Ceremonies

About Pamela Gray

The attraction of being a celebrant developed from a longing to create and be involved in ceremonies and rituals that are personal and meaningful.
Because both my heart and my mind are engaged, I enjoy creating and presenting ceremonies. The skills I’ve gained in teaching, speech pathology, acting, public speaking, meditating, managing events and being a public servant converge for me in being a celebrant.

My licence to celebrate marriages was granted in March 1995, just after I’d moved from the busyness of Sydney to Milton, a small coastal town south of Sydney, where I hand-made paper, had a kitchen garden, taught at TAFE and started Creating Ceremonies as Unique as Your Love.


The Journey

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