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Renewal of Vows.

Couples who renew their wedding vows do so for several reasons.

Some consider that their wedding or commitment ceremony was over too quickly; or they were so pre-occupied with all the details of the day they hardly knew what happened; so they’d like to re-iterate “the words that connect them” in a less stressful way.

Others say that their original ceremony was so special they’d like to recapture at least some of the magic of it all again.

Yet others can see that their vows are even more relevant and have, somehow, become deeper their years of marriage, than when they first said them.

Some recognise that their relationship is now quite different and maybe more profound than when they married. They choose to acknowledge and honour each other and ‘where they’re at now’ as well as respecting the dynamic nature of their relationship. And they can include their children &/or new friends.

Renewing your vows might be on your first wedding anniversary, or second or fifth or fiftieth! It doesn’t matter – it may not even be an anniversary but when it “feels right” – even after a child is born, at a naming ceremony, or at a birthday party. 

A Renewal of Vows ceremony could be a fairly private affair, part of a large gathering, at a favorite picnic spot or in the backyard around the barbeque; it might involve quite a bit of ceremony – words, readings, people making speeches – or it might be just a matter of an introduction before you say your important words to each other.


Couple Rachel & Dan
Thank You! We felt the ceremony was very special and just right for us.
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Elizabeth & Charles
Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating the most wonderful wedding ceremony for us both. We feel so fortunate to have met you and are thrilled that you married us.

Buddhist inspired Wedding


   In Buddhist countries wedding ceremonies are not conducted in temples; and there is no "Buddhist" wedding ceremony or practices as such. However, monks and nuns are often involved in or around weddings especially to give blessings, organise fire ceremonies for purification or similar practices. read more