Registered Marriage Celebrant

Notice Of Intended Marriage

The first legal requirement for a marriage is completing a Notice of Intended Marriage or N.O.I.M

You can download one from the Attorney General's Department;of the Australian Government.

The N.O.I.M. must be with your celebrant at least a month and a day before your wedding (eg if your wedding is 1st November, your form must be with your celebrant by 30th September; if 6th March, the form is required by 5th February at the latest). 

On the front of the form you write your names, your address, your dates of birth, your occupations as well as your parents/adoptive parents details, if known. 

Your signatures on the back of the form must be witnessed by one of the specified authorised people (listed on the back of the NOIM) eg your celebrant,Police Officer.

Before a wedding can be conducted in Australia, your celebrant MUST see and record some details from your original birth certificate (or a certified copy) if born in Australia; if born overseas, your celebrant must see your passport; and your celebrant must see and record details from divorce or death certificate, if relevant.


Couple Rachel & Dan
Thank You! We felt the ceremony was very special and just right for us.
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Elizabeth & Charles
Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating the most wonderful wedding ceremony for us both. We feel so fortunate to have met you and are thrilled that you married us.

Buddhist inspired Wedding


   In Buddhist countries wedding ceremonies are not conducted in temples; and there is no "Buddhist" wedding ceremony or practices as such. However, monks and nuns are often involved in or around weddings especially to give blessings, organise fire ceremonies for purification or similar practices. read more