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Ceremonies – the best ceremonies touch hearts and change lives!

A ceremony is a special event that has the purpose of setting apart and elevating a particular person or persons or event/s in our consciousness. 

A ceremony is a way to celebrate love and connection, mark our sorrows and losses, indulge in happiness and joy, honour and respect the various stages of life, recognise personal achievements and honour the person/s it’s about. 

In a ceremony we honour the relationship between the people involved.

Ceremonies usually have a structure; and they flow from one point to the next. 

Some ceremonies start with a procession; there are words of welcome and introduction. Sometimes there’s live music and readings of poetry or stories. Usually there are opportunities for saying some very special things – 'up close and personal' – along with well wishes for the future. The ending is usually a summary and the details of what's going to happen next. 

By creating particular moods within a ceremony we can respect the range of feelings associated with the day. The atmosphere helps acknowledge the deeper aspects.

Typically there will be paradoxes. For example, ceremonies of joy and happiness such as a wedding or a naming may bring tears; on the other hand, feelings of sorrow and loss can also evoke a sense of lightness at funerals. 

It seems that, these days, many people like their guests to be involved in their ceremony; especially in contrast to having someone in an elevated position doing everything “standing out the front”. Guests and good friends can read a favourite poem or they might all take part in something like the blessing and warming of wedding rings or a gift, the lighting of candles, the telling of a life story or a eulogy.


Couple Rachel & Dan
Thank You! The ceremony we created was very special and just right for us and our family/friends.
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Elizabeth & Charles
Wales. March 
Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating the most wonderful wedding ceremony for us both. We feel so fortunate to have met you and are thrilled that you married us.

Buddhist inspired Wedding


   In Buddhist countries wedding ceremonies are not conducted in temples; and there is no "Buddhist" wedding ceremony or practices as such. However, monks and nuns are often involved in or around weddings especially to give blessings, organise fire ceremonies for purification or similar practices. read more